Live Life Lively!

Going for a job interview? Or is an examination ahead ? Or looking forward to a dream date? But, feeling stuck in anxiety, low confidence and negativity? Think like you will not be able to make it?

Or, in life in general, simply not happy and feeling like ‘shit’.

Do not worry. I am here to help you.

I am a motivation and meditation coach who has not only survived a bad marriage, death of the only child and financial breakdown, but has also fought bipolar disorder with the passion of a soldier. Now I dance with life as a happy leaf dances with breeze.

I have experience of working with people who dared not raise their eyes out of self worthlessness, fear and lack of confidence, and who, eventually, with my coaching became vibrantly confident individuals ready to take on the world. I have experience of working with teenagers, adults, men and women. Now, it is your time to find the truth of the actual potential you carry, and realize it- NOW!!!

Submit your info below; or visit here and I shall get back to you.




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