Welcome! It’s wonderful to have you here. A little about how I think! ..

“It’s just a thought…not only mine but of most of us. The mind asks, “Will I be anything one day?”

And my answer to this is… “No”.

One can only be something ‘today’. If I am not able to be someone today, I cannot ever be. All I have is today, tomorrow never comes. Past is gone, future is yet to be. All these sayings go together. So the only valid thing I can ask myself is… “What can I be today?” The first thing I can do every morning is to ask myself this question. Next thing I may do is to decide for it, and strive whole day to make it work. I cannot say to myself that I will be th president of the US today! But yes, if I take small steps today in this direction, I certainly can be the president one day. And my goal shall be to, meet ten people today…only one step at a time.

The second thing that is important is that I end my day with a similar question…did I do today what I was supposed to do? If yes, congratulations! And the next question is.. How could I have done better?; and a resolution of using the newly acquired understanding and knowledge where ever required from now onwards. If the answer to the original question asked in the evening is a no, then the next question could be…where did I lack? What could I have done better? and instead of feeling like a failure and blaming myself, I should look for some parts of my morning resolution which were filled, or partially filled. It will give me a confidence, and a hope. It also shall provide as the stepping stone for the next day’s work… And I will keep going!

So can everyone else! It’s not difficult, but easier said than done, because it needs a certain level of commitment, focus and discipline. But what can we lose in giving it a try?”

… And, I am trying to be a writer! This is my first step.

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If you have need some motivation and got something to say, which I am sure you do, please write to me here. I will give you an hour of my time to pour your heart out, without judging you. It shall be YOUR time! Being a good Motivation Coach is another goal I strive for.