Motivation through Meditation with SaharRD

Meditation is not a quick fix for your problems. It is ‘sadhanaa’, meaning constant effort. It is a constant effort which keeps on making the vision and quality of your life better and better. You begin with calmness, peaceful mind and tranquility to self awareness, spirituality and union of the self and the spiritual. With constant practice, in this union, the spiritual start preceding the self.

All this does not happen in a day. It takes time… less for some and more for others, as some are able to make a million in a short span, while others make it in a liftetime. What is required is inspiration, which comes from within. In the practice of Motivation through Meditation, we find inspiration not only to be better spiritually, but to be better human beings, and climb the ladder of worldly progress too. In fact, as we proceed spiritually, we also get better, to the level of perfection, in whatever else we do.

This is the goal… to get close to perfection as much as possible, and find the inspiration to do so.

…. Sahar Raman Deep

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