Get lost in my throat
And all that I can do
Is make a fumbling sound
Not even a fumble
It is just
Another sigh
Another breath
A lot needs to be said
Too tired am I
Lips do not move
Eyes close

To such a level
My nothingness has risen

…Sahar Raman Deep


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  1. Dear Sahar, Nothingness is the ideal of what happens with wtiters at times. Well writ.

  2. Apologies for spelling your name wrong on reply to liking my poem ‘Smile’… in trying to correct it, I thrashed it by mistake. If you have not received my thanks, I say here, thank you for your encouragement.

  3. Dear Vearna, thanks for your kind words. The links you have sent me lead me to an html page. I look forward to reading more of your work. I shall visit your site.

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