Mother's Day

On Mother’s Day, I want to write a story……. a story of a mother, and a daughter… a daughter who died, and the mother lived on!

It was a fateful day, that the little one became an embryo. Her father left for distant lands. He had to come back, but never see her. She wanted to say, as her mother felt, “please do not go.” But he had to leave. So he did.

Mom was alone, with a strange set of people around her; but the daughter was her own.

Time passed, and the two started to talk in strange ways. The mom was excited at the fetus’ first kick, and jumped in excitement to tell her mom. Since then, the baby moved in mom’s belly when ever she said… I Love You my child. It was a strange communion only gods could understand and only mothers could feel.

The baby loved music, so the mom listened, and the baby listened because mom loved. It danced in the belly to the subtle tunes and chanted ‘Aham Braham Asmi’ with mom.

Soon, the day came when it was supposed to be the baby’s birthday. But, It turned out to be her death day! Luckily, or unluckily, the mom survived. She continued to celebrate Mothers’ Day with her own mom, often thinking of her own little, unnamed daughter.

But today, she cries, again on mothers’ day, when her mom is far away, reminded of her lost treasure… her daughter, whom she never saw.

When I think hard, that mom turns out to be me, and the little dead baby, my own!
….. Sahar Raman Deep.


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