In the garden of Eden, eve was an innocent creature, but only till the time she was following rules. I am talking of an Eve who represents a woman who is capable of being influenced, an Eve who is capable of influencing and an Eve who is rebellious enough to break the rules. Not a very good role model for women who want to live a happy, normal life! She is treacherous, she tricked Adam into eating the forbidden fruit. Poor Adam, he lost all his innocence!

Innocence! Babies are innocent. They have not done any wrong to anyone; they just do not know anything. Adam, the innocent guy- did he knew anything? I wish I could say Adam was gullible! But, the tradition is that he was innocent, and how can the tradition be questioned? I run the risk of being Eve. Eve, who is responsible for all evil, who is a contender of God in creation, and who is influenced not by obedience, but by temptation.

For a moment, let’s think this… What if Eve had not made Adam taste the forbidden fruit of knowledge? What would have been the world like today? Would we still be living in the garden of Eden? Or, all of us even would have been? What would have happened to the followers of God? And Satan? And to the much talked about evolutionary theories?

Complicated, right? But let’s stick to Eve and the innocent Adam.

They were the men of God, and had their voice. They did not understand women of God so well, so they made them the followers of Satan. They were to be avoided, the basic instincts of attraction were declared sins. Men had control over themselves, but the poor, helpless guys were tempted by the satanic women!

Eve, we as women are proud of you. Not only us, but the whole humanity owes to your decision to taste knowledge. You are the reason we are where we are today. We need innocence, but innocence without knowledge and wisdom is stupidity, and we definitely could not have followed directions of God for long. I am happy that you were the first one to break the rules, and I, as a woman, am proud of being your descendent.

…..Sahar Raman Deep



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