I had no idea
What creation feels like
Till the moment
I looked into his eyes
The passion they home
The love they don
And the heart full of thoughts
So that I felt
I was being consumed
By a flame
That was never ending

It felt as if
I had become a seed
Which he had planted
In the ground of his soul
By opening myself
Upto the water of his thought
And nutrients of his love
I was sprouting into a bud
Small, yet fresh
With big promises of
Developing into a fruitful tree
Who can generate
Seeds herself

…Sahar Raman Deep

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  1. self realization through the love of another
    is like dressing in the skin of a cat,
    and declaring oneself a lion.

    be who you are,
    and love who you are.

    1. In love,
      They remain not two
      There is no other
      Oneness and oneness alone
      Like flames meet each other
      Or the rivers meet the ocean…

      1. and when the other goes,
        taken by time or death or disregard,
        what then of the self?

        1. The other flame is still lit
          In the love of the better half
          He lives as her
          (Or she as him)
          In soul and Self
          When drop meets the ocean
          Not same drop can be taken out

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