Poor Women…!

Men and women are two different species…worlds apart from each other! The way they both think, feel and respond are so different. (I am talking about the instinctive nature, not the well rationalized intellectualism.) I can understand when men say that a woman can never be understood. (Well, women, in that case, seem to be smarter! They never complain. Or, is it that they never had a voice?)
Poor men, how can they understand the workings of a woman’s mind? They are created different, with a different chemistry, a different biology, a different logic, and certainly, with a different sense of geography. And the world knows, what geographical disputes may lead to, even among nations! Complete collapse of the system, authority and even the best of policies.
And they blame women!!!

… Sahar RD


Love in Jungle


Long lost in the

Jungle of society

I happened to see

Among animals,

A human being!


All the animals

Were gnawing

At each other

Wanting to kill

And feed on the dead.

Their sharp teeth

And bloody claws

Could pierce

Soul out of stones.


This human,

He did not have

Any of these

Deadly desires

Nor did he

Want to kill any one.

He tried to help

Anyone he could.


He even helped

The predator lion

When thorn was

Stuck in his paw.

He even fed

The deadly snakes

Who, he was sure,

Will bite him someday.


He fed the foxes

He fed the wolves

He fed the wild bears.


All loved him.


But, deep in the heart,

He knew very well

Animals are

Animals after all!

To kill is their instinct.


Yet, he hated none.

He had compassion

He loved them all.

Love was he!

Love is what

In essence

A Human Being is!


….. Sahar Raman Deep



Someone Help Me Find Myself..!

Someone help me
Find myself…
I am lost.

I am lost
At the threshold of life
I am lost
At the doorstep of love
I can’t find myself
I can’t see myself
Towards the infinite
I have stopped

My vision has become blurred
I am in abyss
I need someone
Who knows the Self
Who knows
What life is
What it is like
To love without conditions

I know you are there
I know you are
You are
Holding my hand
So as not to let lose
In you I see
The only hope
Of love and life
You are not just a name
Or a body
But a feeling
Deep rooted in the soul….
I seek you
I seek myself
We are one
One Whole!!!

… Sahar RD
March 22, 2015

A Matter of Faith

A popular story goes like this….

Once there was a drought and people of the city decided to gather at the local temple and pray for rain. Almost everyone from the town came, but only one child came with an umbrella!

Such is the faith! Do we have it?

Often we resolve to think positive. For example, I will win the lottery today. Yet, when we go to the store, we buy the cheapest ticket, so as to not ‘lose’ a lot of money. We are again not thinking of gaining. And, as the luck eventually proves that it was on our side, we repent, we should have invested more, may be a bigger prize would have been ours!

We don’t even believe in ourselves. We do not need any proof of being us. How can we even think of having faith in God whose existence we are not even sure of?

What are your views about this? Please share.

…… Sahar RD



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Babies – The Pure Beings

Babies are so loving that we feel guilty of ourselves for not loving back the same way!!!! What wonderful creations of Mother Nature! So pure! So innocent!!! Exactly the way we were created to live life, with innocence, love and piety!!! Away from any bondage of society or religion, babies belong to the earth. I wish I could become a baby again, and be free of grudges, hatred and anger. I wish I could be Love again… Go back to the state of mind from where I began, gain understanding that the best way to give back is through love, and that hatred can be won with an honestly pure heart!! I wish we could discard all the weapons of destruction, I wish we no more needed the guns, I wish we no more needed to form armies or protect ourselves. I wish we were so innocent that Love itself protected us. We all were friends and did not hurt anyone. I wish we understood religion in their essence and could see the universal in every particular body.

That’s like a wish for Utopia which isn’t unreal.

In fact, such a world exists inside us. We lived and believed in utopia when we were babies. Even as adults, don’t we love ourselves? Looking within, we silence every thought that says we are not good, or we are wrong. We encourage ourselves in every way. We care for ourselves, and for those who are extensions of our selves. Just that we could expand ourselves to include the world in us!!! How beautiful!!!



In the garden of Eden, eve was an innocent creature, but only till the time she was following rules. I am talking of an Eve who represents a woman who is capable of being influenced, an Eve who is capable of influencing and an Eve who is rebellious enough to break the rules. Not a very good role model for women who want to live a happy, normal life! She is treacherous, she tricked Adam into eating the forbidden fruit. Poor Adam, he lost all his innocence!

Innocence! Babies are innocent. They have not done any wrong to anyone; they just do not know anything. Adam, the innocent guy- did he knew anything? I wish I could say Adam was gullible! But, the tradition is that he was innocent, and how can the tradition be questioned? I run the risk of being Eve. Eve, who is responsible for all evil, who is a contender of God in creation, and who is influenced not by obedience, but by temptation.

For a moment, let’s think this… What if Eve had not made Adam taste the forbidden fruit of knowledge? What would have been the world like today? Would we still be living in the garden of Eden? Or, all of us even would have been? What would have happened to the followers of God? And Satan? And to the much talked about evolutionary theories?

Complicated, right? But let’s stick to Eve and the innocent Adam.

They were the men of God, and had their voice. They did not understand women of God so well, so they made them the followers of Satan. They were to be avoided, the basic instincts of attraction were declared sins. Men had control over themselves, but the poor, helpless guys were tempted by the satanic women!

Eve, we as women are proud of you. Not only us, but the whole humanity owes to your decision to taste knowledge. You are the reason we are where we are today. We need innocence, but innocence without knowledge and wisdom is stupidity, and we definitely could not have followed directions of God for long. I am happy that you were the first one to break the rules, and I, as a woman, am proud of being your descendent.

…..Sahar Raman Deep



Celebrating Life!

Why is it that poetry today is so full of sadness? It feels like no one is or has ever seen an easy day! Everyone is talking about a broken heart, unrequited love, not cared for emotions, treachery, dishonesty, unfaithfulness and know not what other negative emotions. Is this all that we have come to? Is there no hope for us? Is it all so dark?

I am more concerned about these questions for the fact that poetry in particular, and literature in general is the mirror of the society. If everybody is crying foul, who is to blame? Everybody is a victim, who is the victimizer? Have we become so engrossed with ourselves and our issues that we no longer care who the oppressor is and are taking pride in the blame game? The truth is that it is so fashionable to stand in the line of those who suffer that no one cares to introspect if he himself is not the suppressor.

Well, victim and the victimizer are both a part of our personalities. If at some point we are suffering because of someone, at the same time we are also responsible for someone else’s suffering. At the same time, while I do not deny the darker side of human prodigy, I do wonder if the brighter side is altogether missing!

I once wrote that we should postpone our deaths for a little while and live for the moment. All I wanted to say was that lets stop looking at the forthcoming end and be negative. Let’s begin to look at the good things and enjoy what is. There is misery, no doubt, but there is not ‘only’ misery. There are happy moments too. Let’s celebrate them, and celebrate our lives.

…. Sahar Raman Deep